Welcome to Disability Crosses Borders. This podcast and blog are a home for the stories where disability, migration and culture meet.

Moving and living between places and cultures can be exhilarating and overwhelming, fruitful and stressful. When we add disability to the mix, it’s even more complex.

For disabled migrants and those living between cultures, too often our stories and rights are invisible in immigration conversations, and invisible in disability conversations.

I’m Áine, a disabled migrant myself, and I created this podcast and blog because I want that to change.

As disabled migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and people living between cultures, I want us to have a safe and constructive forum to share our lived experience and to find community through mapping our collective struggles and wisdom. That includes naming the policies, prejudices and systems that have failed us, talking about how they developed, and how we can change them.

If your listening today as a family member, friend, employer, advocacy organisation, immigreation official or a politician, I’m glad you’re here. Please listen, read, reflect and share. You have an important role to play in amplifying our stories and creating cultures, laws and countries that truly value us.

Language and access

I want DCB to be an inclusive space. All episodes are fully transcribed and include blog posts summaries too. I aim to explain unfamiliar, country-specific or difficult concepts.

So far, all podcast and blog content is in English. However, even if English is not your preferred language or way of communicating, please still get in touch if you would like to contribute and include your access needs. All forms of communication are valuable so let’s find a solution together.

Join the conversation

Got feedback? get in touch at hello@disabilitycrossesborders.com.

Are you interested in being interviewed for DCB? Please tell me a little about yourself and your relevant lived experience or other expertise and what you’re keen to talk about on the show.

Everyone can join the conversation by commenting on each DCB post on this site. Bring your curiosity and empathy. Spam, demeaning or inflammatory comments, and comments which question how someone identifies won’t be accepted.

DCB Cover art

The DCB cover art/site logo is designed by disabled migrant and change-maker Juliana Carvalho. It depicts an outlined globe featuring intersecting compass-like lines crossing at the centre. A red heart is overlayed on the midpoint of the lines. To the right of the globe are the words “DISABILITY Crosses Borders”. “Disability” is capitalised and coloured in a rainbow array.