Blind social work students on advocacy, intersections and growing up between cultures, with Fatuma Abdi and Jessica Kar

A combined image from photos of Fatuma and Jessica, both smiling. Left: a young black woman wears a red scarf. Right: a young brown woman wears a necklace with a heart pendant.
L: Fatuma Abdi; R: Jessica Karim. Photos/supplied

You’re listening to Disability Crosses Borders, featuring stories where disability, migration and culture meet. I’m Áine Kelly-Costello and today I talk to two blind social work students first Fatuma Abdi, and second Jessica Karim. I chose to interview them one at a time as they’ve grown up between totally separate cultures and have distinct life experiences. But you’ll hear how for both, experiences relating to disability and inmigration became driving forces in their decisions to pursue social work.

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By Áine Kelly-Costello

Blind freelance writer/journalist and campaigner from aotearoa NZ.