Afghan disability activist’s message to world: “Don’t forget people with disability in Afghanistan”

DCB logo shows an outlined globe featuring intersecting compass-like lines crossing at the centre. A red heart is overlayed on the midpoint of the lines. To the right of the globe are the words “DISABILITY Crosses Borders”. “Disability” is capitalised and coloured in a rainbow array.

Samiulhaq Sami is a disability rights advocate living in Kabul, working nationally and internationally.

He fears for his life and the well-being of his family.

He also wants governments and donors to pay attention to the compounding challenges people with disabilities are experiencing in Afghanistan, especially under Taliban rule.

Listen here.


Organisations of persons with disabilities

As recommended by Sami, here are five organisations seeking to provide vital advocacy and services for persons with disabilities in Afghanistan.

By Áine Kelly-Costello

Blind freelance writer/journalist and campaigner from aotearoa NZ.