Growing up between Korean, NZ and US cultures, with Ju Hyeon Han and Miso Kwak

Two headshots of Asian women with black hair, both smiling. Ju Hyeon wears a dressy black top, soft pink lipstick, and silver necklace and earrings. Miso wears a white- and plum-coloured plaid flannel shirt.
L: Ju Hyeon Han; R: miso Kwak. Photos/supplied

Welcome to Disability Crosses Borders, a podcast and blog featuring the stories where disability, migration and culture meet. I’m Áine Kelly-Costello and today, I talk to two blind immigrants who started off their childhoods in Korea and who go on to live in New Zealand and the US as you’ll hear. Classical voice instructor ju Hyeon Han and disability policy researcher Miso Kwak share their experiences growing up between countries and school systems, navigating parental expectations, exploring their disability identities and much more.

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With many thanks to Lisa Madl for assisting in preparing the transcript.

By Áine Kelly-Costello

Blind freelance writer/journalist and campaigner from aotearoa NZ.